Chief Scranton

Fire Chief Timothy J. Scranton

City of Beverly Hills


Quote from Chief Scranton


“Welcome to the 2013 National Homeland Security Conference. I hope it provides an opportunity to learn new innovative developments and to share insights with your fellow peers. I hope you enjoy your stay and have a chance to visit the Los Angeles region. Thank you for your dedication to the safety of our Nation.”


Beverly Hills Fire Chief Timothy J. Scranton

President of the Los Angeles Area Fire Chiefs Association


Timothy J. Scranton, is a veteran firefighter with more than 30 years of experience. Chief Scranton previously served as Deputy Fire Chief for the City of Beverly Hills, and was appointed to the top post in 2007.

Proficient in fire management services, Chief Scranton has received specialized training in Urban Search and Rescue, WMD Emergency Responder Hazardous Materials, and Earthquake Emergency Management.  He has a strong diversity-based background and was selected to represent the City in ‘Recruiting Women in the Fire Service’ program.  He has served on the board of directors for LA RICS, UASI Approval Authority, ICIS, and the Maple Counseling Center in Beverly Hills. Chief Scranton is a member of several fire organizations, including the California State Firefighters Association, IAFC, South Bay FCA, and National Fire Protection Association. He serves as President of LAAFCA and the Beverly Hills Fire Chief’s Community Funds, is on the Administrative Services Committee for the League of California Cities, and was Chairperson of the RTG.  Chief Scranton has a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Studies and a Masters degree in Emergency Services Administration.

A recipient of the Kiwanis Firefighter of the Year Award for Outstanding Dedication to Duty, and the Harvey Adair Award for Meritorious Service to name a few, Chief Scranton excels in his leadership role in developing creative concepts and technologies in critical life-saving services to the Beverly Hills community. Chief Scranton leads a staff of 88 employees, including three fire stations and 16 active and reserve apparatus.