NHSA Toolbox

This toolbox contains UASI related files, worksheets, presentations.


Participation in Quadrennial Homeland Security Review (PDF and DOCS)


Commonwealth of Virginia’s FirstResponder Initiative – Executive Summary (PDF)

Identity and Background Verification Work Sheet (doc)

FIPS 201-1 - Personal Identity Verification (PIV) (PDF)

FIPS 201-2 DRAFT - Personal Identity Verification (PIV) (PDF)


Funding & Grants

FEMA IB 387 - Grant Programs Directorate Information Bulletin (PDF)

Developing More Meaningful Grant PMs (NAPA) (PDF)

FEMA IB 386 - Broadband Expenditure & Investment Guidelines (PDF)

FY 2012 HSGP Investment Justification Planning Worksheet (doc)

National Preparedness Grant Program (NPGP) Fact Sheet (PDF)

Proposal from the States on Reform of Federal Homeland Security & Emergency Management Grants (PDF)

Grants Overhaul Initiative Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Proposal for a Comprehensive Preparedness Grants Structure (PDF)

Regional Catastrophic Grant Program Comprehensive Report 2012 (PDF)

 FY 2013 National Preparedness Grant Program Overview 2-10-12 (PDF)

FY 2013 National Preparedness Grant Program BIB 2-pager 2-10-12 (PDF)

12-0581 Signed Guidance 2-13-12 (PDF)

Grants Draw Down for FY13 Budget in Brief 2-10-12 (PDF)




Grant Programs Directorate Information Bulletin 04/04/12 (PDF)

THIRA – Comprehensive Preparedness Guide (CPG) 201 (PDF)

THIRA – Comprehensive Preparedness Guide (CPG) 201 Supplement 1: Toolkit (PDF)

Use of THIRA for Preparedness Grants (PDF)

Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Process Worksheet Templates (docx)

THIRA presentation from the 2012 National Homeland Security Conference (pptx)
by Lisa Hansen and Steve Davis



Core Capability Crosswalk To TCLs (xls)

UASI/DHS Towne Hall Meeting (docx)

Examples of UASI/UAWG Bylaws (PDF)

SEPA RTF Organizational Chart (pptx)

OEM Organizational Chart (PDF)

Overview of LLNL Services and Tools forthe National Atmospheric ReleaseAdvisory Center (NARAC) andInteragency Modeling and AtmosphericAssessment Center (IMAAC) (PDF)

Mega Joint Field Office:  Enabling a “Whole Community” Response (PDF)

Miami Urban Area Working Group (UAWG) Charter (doc)

The role of Multiagency Coordination (MAC) Systems in the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the National Response Plan (NRP) (ppt)

FY 2007 UASI Nonprofit Guidance (PDF)

FY 2007 UASI Nonprofit FAQ (doc)



NOLA Emergency Guide for Citizens with Disabilities (PDF)

Disabilities and Special Needs: DeWitt, New York, PoliceDepartment’s Training Program on Communicating with IndividualsWho Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing (PDF)

Emergency Communications: North Dakota Department of Health’sPublic Information Fact Sheets in Multiple Languages (PDF)

Hamilton County Mass Evacuation Plan (PDF)

Special Needs FacilityDisaster Plan Checklist (PDF)

Moving Beyond “Special Needs” - A Function-Based Framework for Emergency Management and Planning (PDF)

Model Emergency Preparedness Plan for Mental Health Clinics (PDF)

Monroe Co. Health Dept Special Needs Shelter SOP (PDF)

NC Cresp Quick Reference Guide To Mass Care Shelterees With Disabilities (doc)

North Central Region Special Needs Shelter Recommendations (doc)

Public Information: Oklahoma’s Weather Alert Remote NotificationSystem for Citizens who are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing (PDF)

Animal Emergency Response Colorado Mixed Urban/Suburban/Rural Community (doc)

Wisconsin’s Emergency Human Services Response (PDF)


Job Descriptions

Executive Director Job Description (doc)

UASI Coordinator Charlotte Region 1 2011 (doc)



The ISCRAM Future Threat Delphi: Nostradamus Revisited (pdf)

National Capital Region Emergency Preparedness Council (pdf)

The National Capital Region Emergency Preparedness Council (EPC) is an advisory body established by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) Board of Directors. It derives its authority from action by the COG Board on November 13, 2002. The Emergency Preparedness Council (EPC) makes policy recommendations to the COG Board and makes procedural or other recommendations directly or through the COG Board to various regional agencies with emergency preparedness responsibilities or operational response authority.

Household Pets and Service Animals Plan (doc)

2008 Special Needs Registry Application – Monroe County FL (doc)

EM Grant Planner Position Description (doc)

CPTED : Security Design Guidelines for Healthcare Facilities (PDF)

Culturally-Specific Populations Emergency Communications Project (doc)

Continuum for Homeland Security – Risk Management (PDF)

NPD Information Bulletin – 04/27/07 (doc)

Lessons Learned fromthe World TradeCenter Disaster: Emergency Preparedness forPeople with Disabilities inNew York (PDF)

Disabilities and Other Special Needs: Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency’s Emergency Information (PDF)

Identifying and Mapping CommunityVulnerability (PDF)

National EmergencyCommunications Plan – 2008 (PDF)

PLANNER IVClass Specification (doc)

Project Management Roundtable Issues (doc)

Regional-National PreparednessConcept of Operations (PDF)

Special Needs Shelter (SpNS) Standard Operating Guidelines (PDF)

St. Louis Urban AreaRegion-Wide Radio Communications and Interoperations (PDF)

Project Overview – St. Louis Regional Land Mobile Communications and Microwave Connectivity Network (PDF)

Resources for Serving Persons with Limited English Proficiency Fact Sheet (PDF)


National Disaster Recovery Framework (NRDF)

National DisasterRecovery Framework (NRDF) - Strengthening Disaster Recovery for the Nation (PDF)

Experience with recent disaster recovery efforts highlights the need for additional guidance, structure and support to improve how we as a Nation address recovery challenges. This experience prompts us to better understand the obstacles to disaster recovery and the challenges faced by communities that seek disaster assistance. The National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF)is a guide to promote effective recovery, particularly for those incidents that are large scale or catastrophic.


National Security Grant Program (NSGP)

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Fiscal year (FY) 2007 Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP) (doc)

URBAN AREAS SECURITY INITIATIVE (UASI) Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP) (doc)

NSGP Program Guidance and Application Kit 2007 (PDF)

2007 Urban Areas Security Initiative Nonprofit Security Grant Program Investment Justification Template (doc)

Homeland Security Grants Administrator – Position Description (PDF)

Grants Planner I Duties and Responsibilities (doc)

Grants Project Manager Duties and Responsibilities (doc)

N.J. Office of Homeland Security & Preparedness Grant and Program Management Bureau - Grants Tracking System (PPTX)



UASI Funding Update: How recent federal actions affect security funding for major metro areas and surrounding cities by Steve Davis (PDF)



The Bay Area Homeland Security Strategy 2010 – 2013 (PDF)

National Capital Region Homeland Security Strategic Plan: 2010 (PDF)

National Capital Region Homeland Security Strategic Plan: 2010 – Appendices (PDF)


Social Media

Guidelines for use of Social Media for Disaster Recovery (PDF)


UASI Conference Support

UASI Conference Support Presentation (PPTX)